Island Programs

Students are a homogenous group (usually from one university).  Employs either home campus faculty, local faculty or a combination of the two.  This type of program gives control over subject, content and academic calendar.

Dominican University


Dominican university

The Dominican-in-London Program is one of the most unique and character-growing programs partnering with Academic Solutions. Through an array of guest lecturers, site visits, walking tours, study tours, and independent journaling, Dominican students develop not just an in-depth knowledge of London, but a true introspection of themselves that allows them to mature greatly during this four-month program.

For the past 19 years Academic Solutions has:

  • Directed their London Program

  • Coordinated and supervised student housing

  • Organized and directed orientations

  • Led extensive study tours of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Facilitated several other weekend and day-long excursions in the UK

  • Administered an eight-credit academic seminar

  • Hired and supervised tutors and guest lecturers

  • Evaluated all academic work

  • Managed budget and prepared financial reports

Be sure to check out the video below for highlights of our Dominican program - 'British Life and Culture'.