Data Protection


We take personal data seriously

The EU has created a new regulation to protect how personal data is used by other parties to avoid it being mis-used and/or against your consent.  This new regulation is called the General Data Processing Regulation [GDPR]. It's principal aim is to protect personal data of EU citizens but it also protects anyone’s data while they are physically resident in the EU, which applies to our students, visiting faculty and employees.

As your study abroad partner Academic Solutions handles quite a bit of student personal data, some of which home universities provide to us directly and some of which we receive directly from students as well as other parties where relevant. We only process data for specified purposes and if it is justified in accordance with data-protection law.  Without that information we would be unable to provide our students with their chosen academic program and related support services.  Some personal data is also required to fulfill our legal obligation regarding immigration.  We also process contact and educational details after students have completed their program or their activities with us are otherwise terminated.  

We may also need to share personal information with education partners, contractors, or government officials.  Personal information collected about our students while they are in the EU may also be transferred to and retained by education partners, contractors, and University or government officials in the United States.  Such transfers may be required to execute our study abroad programs.

In general terms, we process personal data for the purposes of providing our academic and/or internship programs and related services. 

Please refer to our policies for further detail:

Student Personal Data Use Policy

General Personal Data Policy