Social & Cultural Activities

We love to plan and orgranize educational activities, trips and outings for your students. We believe in making the most of local historical, cultural and social resources to make learning come alive. 

We have extensive experience putting together a range of social and cultural activities for different programs including:


Field trips

We arrange day and overnight trips to popular places like:

UK & Ireland - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle, Oxford, Blenheim Palace, Bath, Stonehenge, Brighton, Cambridge…and we organize both coastal and mountain walking tours.

Spain - Tarragona, Girona, Montserrat, Dali Museum, Banyoles, Poblet and Caves Exploration.


Study Tours

Extended study tours are often the fondest memory of students abroad. In the UK & Ireland, we've arranged tours that visit all nations of the United Kingdom. In Spain, our study tours explore both famous and hidden corners of Catalunya and Castilla. Our experience also includes fashion trips to Paris, Milan, and Florence.

We've also organized conflict management tours of the Balkan region.



Theater outings

What better way to understand text and/or performance techniques taught in class?

Museum Visits & Historical Walks

Students learn more with hands-on experience that compliments their classroom syllabus.



Social Events

Not academic, of course, but fun nonetheless! We organize welcome dinners, pub socials, farewell parties, mixers with other university groups and much more. 

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An excellent way to inform students and build communication, especially when students are spread out across the country at host universities.  See an example of our weekly London newsletter.