We provide placement, supervision and evaluation of students in community service, volunteer and internship programs. We can accommodate most majors and interests and are consistently updating our network of contacts both in London and Barcelona.  

  Academic Solutions is proud to place interns for the following institutions.

Internship Area Classifications

Art, Fashion, film & Theater

Students have the potential to get hands-on experience in curating exhibits, fashion design, film and theater production, PR, admin, social media, and business development.

Business, Economics & Finance

As a world hub for business and finance, London is full of opportunities for students to gain experience working in consulting, investment, and helping entrepreneurs grow their start-ups.


Communications (Sales, Marketing & PR)

Students interested in sales, marketing and PR can work for a range of different companies, magazines and more to support ongoing campaigns, generate new leads, and foster relationships with contacts.

Education & Outreach

London is full of opportunities for students to work in education and outreach from educational charities to cross-cultural exchanges, students will be able to get hands-on experience teaching, mentoring, and developing programs.



Although students are not able to work directly in hospitals, there are a number of opportunities for students interested in health and medicine including non-profit health organizations, charities, pharmaceutical companies, and sports rehabilitation.

International Development

London is full of organizations and nonprofits which focus on helping countries develop around the world. We partner with several international organizations that work to improve lives in countries across the globe. Internships may include doing research, social media and fundraising.


With Westminster just around the corner, students interested in politics have the opportunity to intern in the middle of the action with a Member of Parliament. There are also numerous organisations that deal with political issues and policies where students can get hands-on experience with British and EU politics.



Sport enthusiasts can apply their expertise to sports charities, outdoor companies, sports rehabilitation, the organization of upcoming competitive events.

STEM & Research

Depending on the student’s background and interests, there is the potential to partner students with local researchers and labs. There are also numerous tech companies eager to accept interns.

Writing, Journalism & Publishing

Students looking to get experience with editing, writing and publishing have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the day-to-day running of small publishing companies, create content for travel blogs and webzines, manage social media accounts and organize relevant events.