Direct Entry

The most locally immersive of our programs, Direct Entry students are fully enrolled at a local university and have full access to their classes. In some cases students are housed in university accommodations and can take advantage of the myriad of services and opportunities offered by the local university.

University of Maryland

Wake Forest University

University of Illinois

IFSA-Butler University


University of Maryland

Program Location(s): Barcelona, Spain

The University of Maryland program is an amazing opportunity for Academic Solutions to work with the home campus to give the students a truly cross-cultural experience. Many of their semester students are placed in a voluntary opportunity of their choosing to meet and interact with Barcelona locals. This ranges from teaching basketball, tutoring young people in math and English, participating in a Catalonia cooking class, and everything in between. Some also participate in credit-bearing internships. These students leave Spain knowing that they have had an exceptionally individual experience. 

We partner with the University of Maryland to coordinate and supervise student housing, organize and direct orientations, lead activities and excursions, implement intercultural contact and activities for student, organize internships, register students at local universities, provide academic advising, manage budget and prepare financial reports and support students on a 24/7 basis.


Wake Forest University

Program Location(s): London, UK | Barcelona, Spain

These exciting programs give students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in local student life while providing the support and comfort of their home university. On the London program, students are enrolled and housed at Queen Mary University of London, pursue a credit-bearing internship and complementary electives across a wide variety of academic disciplines.  In Barcelona,they are enrolled at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and most pursue required core courses from the Wake Forest University School of Business. Academic Solutions acts in both locations as Wake Forest's local team providing around the clock support and guidance to students.  We organize student pick up and orientations, provide internship placements, plan and lead student activities and excursions, liaise with staff at local universities, receive Wake Forest visitors and offer 24/7 student support.



Program Location(s): UK & Ireland | Barcelona, Spain

We support short-term faculty led programs in the United Kingdom for the College of Media.

In Spain we created and direct the UPF Barcelona program which offers the opportunity for Illinois business students to pursue a wide variety of English-taught electives in business and other academic disciplines, in addition to Spanish language courses designed to increase student access and adaptation to this Spanish-speaking environment.  


IFSA-Butler University

Program Location(s): Barcelona, Spain

We are proud to support the Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA) Engage Barcelona program, uniquely geared for students seeking maximum cultural interaction during their study abroad term in Spain.  These students engage in internships, Spanish language classes, electives taught at a prestigious local university, and benefit from IFSA’s proprietary “Exploring Barcelona: Identity in a Multinational Society” course specifically designed to deepen understanding and participation in both the campus community and the wider Barcelona society.  Students typically live with families or in student residences.